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Over the next year, this space on the website will feature a discussion about concepts from the DLW framework with a different idea and “guest blogger” each month.  You will have an opportunity to comment, discuss and post ideas.  Join the conversation as we explore the potential for application of DLW ideas in your own life or the lives of those around you!

  • Mélanie Levasseur

    This make sense Sandra, many thanks! To activate our body, mind and senses we like to make sushis!

  • Rebecca Gewurtz

    Activating your body, mind and senses reminds me to take a deep breath and enjoy fresh air everyday, especially after a long day inside, sitting at my desk.

  • Terry Krupa

    Great blog Sandra. There is some evidence that engaging all your senses can help prevent cognitive decline in aging. Good to know that the nature walk will have multiple benefits for me!!

  • Erica Tokar

    Great post Sandra! I think it is easy to brush off this component of the model, believing many of our everyday activities inherently activate our mind, body and senses. I am definitely guilty of not being fully present in all of my activities, particularly those that engage my senses. I tend to focus on activating my body, especially in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While my daily gym routine is important for my health, it is obvious that my love for hiking, reading, and listening to music is just as important. Incorporating a degree of mindfulness into my daily routine may help me to be more present in my activities, and increase my appreciation for activating my senses.

  • Helen Badge

    Do.Live.Well. Something everyone should all focus on. What a great way of spreading the benefits of meaningful occupations – and making our lives the best they can be!