DLW at CAOT Conference

Advancing an Occupational Perspective in Health Promotion: The Do-Live-Well Project

Friday May 29 13:30-14:00 

Room: Cambridge

Presenter(s): Sandra Moll, Lori Letts, Rebecca Gewurtz, Nadine Lariviere, Terry Krupa, Melanie Levasseur, Erica Tokar & Courtney Baran

Health promotion principles align with the values of occupational therapy and are gaining increased attention as a key component of occupational therapy practice (Tucker et al., 2014). Furthermore, our perspective as occupational therapists can bring a unique and valuable contribution to the field of health promotion (Moll et al., 2013). The “Do-Live-Well” project is an initiative designed to articulate the unique perspective of occupational therapists regarding the links between what people do every day and their health and well-being (Moll et al., 2014).  It includes an evidence-based framework linking eight key dimensions of occupational engagement, five characteristics of activity patterns and personal and social forces that shape both engagement and health and well-being outcomes.  It also provides an opportunity for establishing our role and building our credibility in the broader field of health promotion.

This session will explore opportunities for occupational therapists to apply principles outlined in the Do-Live-Well framework to promote the health and well-being of clients and communities.  Findings from a CIHR planning project will be presented, including feedback and recommendations from 18 invited stakeholders from the healthy aging community, including national and provincial policy-makers, researchers, advocacy and service organizations. In order to illustrate how the framework could be translated into practice, findings will be presented from a community partnership project; piloting health promotion workshops in Ontario seniors’ centres.  In addition, a new Do-Live-Well online portal will be presented for feedback and discussion regarding application with a range of populations.