DLW in Policy


Janet M. Craik, MSc., OT (C), OT Reg. (Ont.)

Janet Craik is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT).

What does the DLW framework mean to you?

“The framework emphasizes the power of occupational therapy and our values and beliefs as occupational therapists. It brings to life the importance of enabling people to engage in occupations and promote healthy experiences in everyday life. By linking occupation and health promotion, it reaffirms our values and beliefs as occupational therapists, and provides a platform for others to learn about these values.”

How can this framework be used to advocate for the OT profession?

“The development of the DLW framework provides a great stepping-stone for occupational therapists to become involved in both research and policy development. Through research into the links between occupation and health, we can establish our credibility and advance thinking in the field of health promotion. We can also draw from the key messages about the importance of “what you do every day” to advocate for changes in healthcare structures and policy that move beyond a narrow focus on illness to a more positive focus on wellness and healthy participation. There is great potential for occupational therapists to be leaders in healthcare innovation, from policy to practice.”