Do Live Well Video Series

We are excited to let you know about the upcoming Do Live Well video series through Active Aging Canada that will air every Wednesday starting on January 24th, 2018 through to March 14th.
The following is a list of the videos:

1.1: express yourself (Dr. Lori Letts)
1.2 build prosperity (Dr. Lori Letts)
1.3 contribute to your community (Dr. Lori Letts)

2.1 connect with others (Dr. Rebecca Gewurtz)
2.2 take care of yourself (Dr. Rebecca Gewurtz)
2.3 experience joy (Dr. Rebecca Gewurtz)

3.1 activate your body (Dr. Sandra Moll)
3.2 develop your potential  (Dr. Sandra Moll)

Click here to view the video series on the Active Aging Canada You Tube site.