DLW in Transportation Patterns

Ann Greenbaum, ScD

Occupational Therapy/Occupational Science

Towson University

Ann’s doctoral thesis: “Activity Patterns and Well-being of Commuters: An Occupational Perspective” used the “Do-Live-Well” framework to examine activity patterns surrounding the commuting experiences of college students. Surveys were conducted with over 500 college students as well as focus groups with commuters exploring how and to what extent different travel modes (cycling, walking, driving, public transport) promoted or inhibited well-being, considering the DLW dimensions of experience as well as activity patterns.  Regression modelling found that the activity patterns of balance, routine, choice, control and meaning, as well as the dimensions of experience of pleasure/joy and activation of body mind and senses were significant predictors of satisfaction with commuting. Click HERE for more information on her research.

Ann currently teaches in the College of Health Professions at Towson University, in Baltimore, MD, and enjoys active living.